230 Dudes: The Podcast Hosted by Antonio Harrison & Charles Schuling

Things you didn't even think you wanted to know and dudes you can relate to

       Back in early 2014, Antonio and Charles met at The Academy of Radio & TV Broadcasting. They decided to collaborate after realizing they had both shared a love of storytelling, talk radio, and random information. After months of brainstorming, 230 Dudes launched in October of that year. The idea was simple: each week they pick a new topic, do the research, and discuss. They make episodes on a whole range of interesting things you've always wanted to know more about: history, science, movies, music, food, and (their personal favorite) fun facts. The dudes are not experts on any one thing, but they love to learn and share new information in a funny, easy-to-understand manner. 

Give it a listen, you'll be hooked in no time...